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From a host’s view: State Cross Country

November 4, 2009

Dennis Lengishon of Arusha, Tanzania, placed 9th in the Iowa High School State Cross Country meet. His host mother, Cindy Nichols, tells about their weekend.

Dennis and family at the State Cross Country meet

Dennis (second from right) and Victor (left) pose with the Nichols family after the state cross country meet

The Iowa High School State Cross Country meet was held on Saturday, Oct. 31. It was a beautiful day for the end of October in Iowa — a great day for running and for watching those who ran!

Our Tanzanian son ran like the wind, achieved his goal and was the 9th fastest in the state. His coaches’ goal was for him to be in the top 15. His personal goal was to bring home a medal by being one of the top 10.

We are all so proud that he ran well under a lot of pressure. He was representing his country, his adoptive school and his team!

He humbly accepted our praise and congratulations ……….. and mourned for his worthy competitor from a neighboring school who finished just out of the medals. Wow.

Read more stories from Cindy on her blog, “Adventures with My African Sons.”

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