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From a YES student: Joseph wins a medal in speech contest!

March 1, 2010

Joseph Rutakangwa is a YES student from the Morogoro region of Tanzania. Joseph has been living in Monroe, Iowa, and attends Prairie City-Monroe High School through the U.S. State Department’s Youth Exchange and Study Program.

Here, he shares about the speech competition he was involved with at Prairie City-Monroe (PCM) High School.

Being in speech is something I’ve always wished for, but because of the environment back home, there was no possibility.

When I came to PCM, the first activity I thought of participating in was speech.  Participating in group speech is something which left lots of memories with me. I learned to enunciate English words, which was my greatest accomplishment. Also, I saw a lot of group unity and effort, which I appreciated.

Our piece was “World War Z,” a narrative about the world being attacked by zombies.

At the first district competition, we scored Division I. The piece was unique and the performance was great! At the state level competition which was held at Linn Mar High School, our team got a Division I rating from all three judges. Not only that, but we also were awarded the All-State Medals.

This was the most fun moment for me since I’ve been in the U.S. schools. I always dreamt of competitions which have awards like ribbons and medals. I am so excited to have my first medal!

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  1. john christopher permalink
    June 21, 2010 11:58 AM

    CONGRATULATION!!! Hello joseph am John from Sua Morogoro in Tz. Personally am anxious to get the opportunity that you have got please if there is any opportunity that will rise for the same issue please contact me and i will be greatful. My school address is Mukidoma sec. school 778 Arusha Tanzania. thanks!!

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