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YES Alumni Update: Paulina Maingo

March 11, 2010

Paulina Maingo was one of IRIS’s YES students from Tanzania during the 2008-2009 school year. She lived in Story City and attended Roland-Story High School.

The YES program includes a component where students participate in alumni projects once they return to their home countries. Paulina designed a community improvement project in which she distributed exercise books and bars of laundry soap to students at a school in Kisarawe, which is in the Pwani Region of Tanzania.

This is her journal assessment of the project:

Some of the students who received books

Some of the students who received books

Step 1 – Identification

The children were identified through the visit which was done by me on the 20th of November 2009. The children were not at school during that period of time; they were spending their holiday. I had to talk with the school’s head teacher, who gave me the names of the most vulnerable children after I explained my intetions to him. I also had to go to another school so that I could get the exact number of children that I wanted to start with.

Step 2 – Procurement of exercise books

I bought the books from wholesalers (these are those traders who buy goods in large quantities from the producers and sell them in small quantities to the consumers). I bought three cartons of exercise books; each carton contained 100 exercise books. Each carton cost 20,000 Tanzanian shillings. I had to use 5,000 to buy 20 more books so that the total number of books would be 320. This way, each kid could get at least five books since there were 60 children who really needed those books for  school.

I also had to hire another vehicle for transporting the goods from the town to my home. The place where I bought the goods is known as Kariakoo, which is in the city of Dar Es Salaam, and the goods had to be transported to my place which is quite out of town. The transporting costs were 30,000 Tanzanian shillings.

Step 3 – Distribution of exercise books

Paulina distributes books to the students

Paulina distributes books to the students

The distibution of books took place seasonally.

I started with 20 children who were available when they were told to come and receive the books. I gave them the books on the 26th of December. I distributed the books at my house since the kids all live near me and also because the school was not attended by any of them due to the holiday. Some of them came early in the morning, and others came late. For this reason, I had to buy some drinks, which are known as SAYONA drinks. Each Sayona costs 500 Tanzanian shillings, so the cost for ten of these was 5,000 Tanzanian shillings.

Another distribution took place on the 11th of January 2010. The place that I used at this time was at the village office.

There were 21 children who attended this time. I had to hire vehicles to carry me, the books and some of the village leaders because the village office is quite far from where I live. The total transporting cost was 20,000 Tanzanian shillings.

The last distribution took place on the 25th of January 2010. This time, we did the distribution at the school since the holiday was over.

I hired a vehicle to carry me and the books along with Madam Foya. The transporting cost was 20,000 Tanzania shillings since the school was very far away from where I live.

Seventeen children were there, and they received the books as well as bars of soap. The soaps were from another organization named KWACEA [Kisarawe Women and Children Empowerment Association].

The soaps were not enough. From the explanation of the teacher, we realized that some of the kids do not clean their uniforms due to the scarcity of money which will enable them to buy soaps, so this was another problem. Madam Grace Foya had to add some bunches of soaps, and she used 10,000 shillings for the purchase of the bunches of soaps.

Two girls also received shoes

Two girls also received shoes

We were also informed by the teacher of two of the most vulnerable children: Maua, age 8, and Neeme, age 7. Maua is living with her disabled mother after being abandoned by her father before started school. Neeme walks 5 kilometers to reach school for her classes, and her parents are very poor.

Both of them walk barefoot to school, because their parents can’t afford a pair of shoes. They both have complained that their feet get burnt by the hot sand on the road, so Madam Grace advised that we should buy them each a single pair of shoes. I presented them at the school, and both of them were very happy to get shoes.

The distribution was done, and everyone appreciated our help and IRIS in general.

Step 4 – Monitoring and evaluation

The evaluation is still being done by me. I am planning to visit the children at that school again to see how do they perform at school.

Lastly, I would love to thank IRIS for providing the funds to enable me to finish my project. Thank you very much.

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  1. Dee Baker permalink
    March 15, 2010 9:51 PM

    Paulina was my host daughter when she lived in Story City. I am so proud of her, for what she is doing in TZ…..she is a true leader and a special young lady. She has a good heart to be used to help those children who are less fortunate. I was truly blessed to have her for my host daughter. Dee Baker

  2. Lisa Leach permalink
    March 16, 2010 1:30 AM

    Thank you for caring for the children’s education, Paulina. I feel it is so important that they have good books and shoes. We hosted John Mhando from TZ last year and he is like a son to us now. We hope to visit TZ next year.

  3. Lisa Leach permalink
    March 16, 2010 1:42 AM

    I want to mention how helpful Madam Foya has been to us as we have been communicating with John. She is a good friend to everyone! I would love to see a picture of her.

  4. Kim Lee permalink
    March 19, 2010 5:22 PM

    My heart was touched as I read how you were making a difference in the lives of others! May God’s love continue to spill out of you…
    Kim Lee
    (friend of Dee Baker)

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