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From a YES host: Definitions of Prom

March 17, 2010

Cindy Nichols is the host mom of Dennis Lengishon of Arusha, Tanzania, and Victor Yusuf of Bauchi State, Nigeria. They live in Lewis, Iowa, and attend Atlantic High School.

Cindy has been keeping a personal blog, “Adventures with my African Sons,” to share her experiences with hosting. This is a recent post from her blog explaining the challenges surrounding an American high school tradition: prom.

The above definitions are more commonly accepted descriptions of the word “prom.” However, we have a few more ideas of what prom means…

3: (according to the American girl) – dreamed of since elementary school, planned for all year, dates manipulated for months and daily shared with friends, and of course, SHOPPING! (Read: DRAMA)

4: (according to the African boy) – unknown big event to be endured in uncomfortable clothes with someone of the opposite sex that jumped up and down, squealed and announced it to the world when he said he would go with her (Read: CONFUSED and SCARED).

The boys’ dates have already been arranged, so now it’s time to think ahead a bit about the rest of it.

Issue #1: Fancy Clothes.
Answer #1: Thrift store suits that my husband is already looking for.

Issue #2: Transportation.
Answer #2: One son has a double date. Still working on the other one. Maybe his date has a car.

Issue #3: We haven’t even discussed flowers or schedules or…….the GRAND MARCH. Never mind. We’ll take baby steps to avoid more confusion.

I’ll keep you updated.

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