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From a YES student: Floundering to survive

June 4, 2010

Muna Nassor, a 17 year-old YES student from Zanzibar, Tanzania, lives in Ogden, Iowa, and attends Ogden High School. In this post, she shares about how she accomplished one of her goals: learning to swim.

Muna learns to swimEndurance always pays off, especially when you are learning to swim.

I spent Mother’s Day weekend with my family in Galena, Illinois. It was a wonderful trip, because I got to do a lot of fun things like going shopping, swimming, watching movies, playing games, etc.

It was very meaningful to me, because I had an opportunity to learn how to swim.

Learning how to swim was not easy for me, but it was one of my goals. I kept on trying and trying, and I never gave up. A few months ago, my host family taught me first how to kick my legs, but they forgot to tell me to hold my breath!

On my trip to Galena, I tried again. My host mom instructed me to hold my breath and keep my arms straight. First, I was afraid to dunk my face in to the water — I thought that I was drowning!

The deeper the water was, the more scared I was, so I practiced in the shallow water first. Once I learned how to hold my breath, I moved to the deeper water.

Muna kickingMy host mom, grandma and sister stood on the deck and cheered for me. My host mom instructed me to hold my breath as long as I could until I was able to swim across the width of the pool. The more I was kicked my legs, kept my arms straight and held my breath, the further I could swim.

One thing I don’t like about swimming is when I accidentally swallow water. I practiced for two days until I was able to cross the width of the pool.

I want to practice with every opportunity I have so that I don’t forget how to swim. I am looking forward to learn more things about swimming such as the back stroke and breast stroke. I’m hoping I have enough time next week to take some swimming lessons at the Boone YMCA!

Accomplishing this goal made me feel so satisfied.

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  1. culturesmash permalink
    June 4, 2010 6:17 PM

    Awesome Muna! I’m so proud of all the students that tried swimming for the first time this year – especially those of you from Zanzibar Island!!

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