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Alumni Update: Ajet shares a poem

April 7, 2011

Ajet Hosea, 19, is an alumni student of the Youth Exchange & Study (YES) Program from Kaduna State, Nigeria. During the 2009-2010 school year, Ajet lived and studied in Indianola, Iowa. He has since returned home to finish his education. This is a poem by Ajet.





“I Will Pronounce Your Name”

I will pronounce your name. YES.
YES. I will declaim you.
YES. Your name is like a lifter that lifts the mind, body and soul high.
I pronounce your name and my heart beats faster.
My heart longs to do something unique,
Something special and something even greater than myself.

Name of fresh dew,
Name of change,
Name of positivity,
Name of possibility.
YES. The solid foundation of a successful world.

YES. I am a victor in your sight,
But yet, I have now become your searcher.
To pronounce your name
Ah! YES.
Oh! How can I pronounce your name well enough?
How can pronunciation of your name alone tell the true meaning of you to the world?

I will pronounce your name and continue in your ways.
I will proclaim and tell the true meaning of you in my world.

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