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Alumni update from Tanzania

April 26, 2012

Through his Chalinze Youth Community Organization (CHAYOCO), KL-YES alumni Sylvester Chigwala has been helping people throughout the village of Chalinze in Tanzania.

Chigwala’s objective is to organize youth in the village to help him carry out community service projects in hospitals, schools and various other institutions throughout the area.

According to Chigwala, the organization, established in April 2009, aims to “expand communication, cooperation and togetherness among Tanzania youth and their surrounding communities in the interest of promoting peace and respect.” The team conducts clean up efforts, visits the sick, offers free tutoring to local children who are unable to continue their studies and much more.

Recently Chigwala organized a volunteer day where the organization cleaned patient rooms as well as the outside of the local Chalinze Health Centre. Chalinze is located approximately seventy miles west of Dar es Salaam.

The KL-YES alumni attended Gilbert Junior-Senior High School in Iowa for the 2007-2008 KL-YES school year. Once a KL-YES student returns to their home country, they begin to conduct alumni activities. Depending on what the alumni see fit based on their home community’s needs, many include charity work, donations, environmental sustainability activities and assisting in education. 

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  1. June 11, 2012 12:33 PM

    Great work there. the way to galvanize the youth and the future.
    Great work and my you be blessed

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