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Essays send students to World Food Prize

November 8, 2012


Deborah, Munira and Diyah

Of the eighty Iowa youth attending the World Food Prize Global Youth Conference on Oct. 18, 3 students represented IRIS and the KL-YES program.

Each year, more than 250 high school students from around the United States are selected to travel to Des Moines, Iowa to spend 3 days interacting with Nobel and World Food Prize Laureates and more than one thousand global leaders from 75 countries at the international symposium.

Deborah, Diyah and Munira’s winning essays on “Cultivating Innovations to Feed the World” won them passes to participate in the event where they were able to discuss specific food security and agricultural issues with international experts and leaders in science, industry and policy.

Along with the other delegates, our 3 KL-YES students from Tanzania, Indonesia and Nigeria presented their individual papers to these experts and discussed each other’s findings.

The girls meeting Dr. Hillel

One of the student’s highlights of the trip was watching the WFP Laureate Award Ceremony from the Hall of Laureates. This year, the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture” was awarded to Dr. Daniel Hillel, who the students were lucky enough to meet.

For more information on The World Food Prize and the Global Youth Institute, visit their website.



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