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Famous in Belarus

November 27, 2012

Natalia at an American Indian reservation

Through World Learning’s Community Connections Program, IRIS welcomed 10 Belarusian journalists to a three-week stay in Iowa in July 2012.

In late October, USAID Belarus Facebook page launched a photo contest encouraging 2012 Community Connections Alumni to submit their photos for an album named “My Brightest Moments in the USA.” Five of IRIS’ hosted journalists submitted their photos last month (below).

Although the five submissions were not selected, they may be gaining fame through other mediums in their home country as word of their American travels reach Belarusians. On Nov. 9, 2012 Belarusian Magazine VB.BY published “17 Moments of America” online, with the author being our very own Natalia Vasyukov.

The story depicts her time in the United States including her interpretation and opinion on topics including immigration, American home life, cuisine and culture. The article can be read in English here

Throughout their stay in the United States, the professionals visited five different cities throughout Iowa and Chicago. Their mission was to gain a comprehensive understanding of journalism in the United States so they can take their new knowledge and deeper understanding of their profession with them as they return to Belarus.

  • The Community Connections Program is designed to promote public diplomacy through the exchange of cultural ideas and values among participants, United States families and local community host organizations. It seeks to establish and strengthen links between United States communities and participating countries. 

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  1. November 30, 2012 6:12 PM

    wonderful group.. great memories

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