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20 years of staff

March 20, 2013
Del Christensen and Bob Anderson

Del Christensen and Bob Anderson

At IRIS, employees haven’t dedicated the usual 40 hours per week to their work, but much of their personal time as well. Each and every project IRIS takes on requires drive and passion. This type of work also requires a special person.

With invaluable skill sets and experience behind them, IRIS staff are dedicated to making the world a better place through several programs. The IRIS employees, past and present, serve as liaisons between Iowa and communities worldwide. When IRIS founder, Bob Anderson started working with Eastern European and Asian countries in 1993, he was only beginning to touch the lives of many.

20 years, more than 1,600 participants and dozens of employees and volunteers later, IRIS has grown to be an influence in the lives of many, as well as the world. This could not have been done without the passion and dedication from staff. Our staff have been open minded, understanding and determined to better the world. Each and every person has brought something different to IRIS, and we would like to express our appreciation to them.

Del visiting with a program participant abroad

Del visiting with a program participant abroad

IRIS staff have not only helped others promote peace and understanding, but have contributed to the cause directly. Whether it be by traveling to an underdeveloped nation and helping at an orphanage, or volunteering at a homeless shelter in small town Iowa, many IRIS staff have served as examples of what our program participants strive to be like.

While one of IRIS’ goals is to help others, the staff members have also benefited. By working at IRIS, volunteerism and a desire to develop cross-cultural relationships between people around the world becomes a part of everyday life. Our staff have been lucky enough to make lifelong friends through their international connections and travels.

We, at IRIS, would like to send a personal thank you to our past and present employees for their dedication throughout the past 20 years.

The IRIS office currently has 6 staff members, and many more have passed through the doors. Below is a list of current and past IRIS staff. Please let us know if your name is missing!

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  • Bob Anderson
  • Judy Anderson
  • Del Christensen
  • Martha Pope
  • Christelle Enega
  • Brittany Haga
  • Sara Schoneberg
  • Kelsey Hartnett
  • Stacy Morrissey
  • Moses Bomett
  • Jacob Hanrahan
  • Anna Fricke
  • Darlene Goodrich
  • Emilee Richardson
  • Kestrel Henry
  • Lavanya Singh
  • Kimberly Hope Athay
  • Ashley Heffern
  • Rita Tisinger
  • Michael McMahon
  • Chantal Roberts
  • Jeremy Girton
  • Jeanna Bauer
  • Alexandra Jones
  • Jessica Crawford
  • Cayla Westergard
  • Amy Hein
  • Trisha Bruecken
  • Katherine Thompson
  • Krishna Pradhu
  • Nicole Pitts
  • Trisha Lee
  • Joey Dobson
  • Sarah Frundle
  • Elizabeth Kix
  • Sara Birkenholz
  • Megan Brentlinger
  • Natalia Juan-Miguez
  • Inya Onwu Nlenanya
  • Meher Vani
  • Gatenipa Kate Chantem
  • Dr. Anastasia Bassis
  • Mary Christensen
  • Claire LeCroy
  • Vladimir Bassis
  • Amy Fokuo
  • Kate Johnson Burroughs
  • Dean Vera
  • Valerie Vetter
  • Noriko Takuma Nakajima
  • Rob Killion
  • Joanna Werch Takes
  • Bill Hein
  • Nancy Bolt
  • Bill Eckerly
  • Noa Zanolli (formerly Davenport)
  • Kathleen Laurila
  • Kate Otting
  • Rhonda Whitehead
  • Corey Hall
  • Masha Cochran
  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Meriele Wilmot
  • Sue Richardson
  • Adamu Ibrahim
  • Natalie Sugira
  • Ife’-Caleb Gbemudu Chidebel
  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Teri Halstead
  • Michael Hoenig

Tanzania Associates

  • Grace Foya
  • Mohamed Dau
  • Mary Minja
  • Jumanne Mpinga
  • Dr. Mark Mvungi

Nigeria Associates

  • Dr. Saidu Yakubu
  • Murtala Chika
  • Abubakar Dingyadi
  • Bello Umar
  • Dorathy Kato Elisha
  • Saratu Joe Agellah
  • Maimuna Waziri
  • Halima Inuwa Mora
  • Mmaasuur Audu-Gambe
  • Nancy Shwarmwen Calistus
  • Sarah Ayuba Yapwa
  • Bashama Yusuf
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