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YES Students’ Poem Project

January 13, 2014
Gina Zoss and Timothy Glaza play important roles in the YES program students’ lives. Their constant interaction with the students and the families help ensure an enjoyable and successful year in the United States. By making home visits, promoting IRIS’ mission, arranging events, and creating monthly projects, Gina and Tim try to help create the best overall experience.
The latest project for the YES students was to write a poem. Students were told that it could take any form and could express anything they’ve had on their mind recently. Some chose to describe their experience in Iowa/America while others chose topics such as Christmas or themselves.
Below are a few poems from students in the latest YES program.
Untitled by Amal (Morocco)
Let’s Go!
Big Time!
Merry Christmas everybody..
Put down video games
Pick up some candy canes
And hang a wreath on your door
Give back to those in need
Bring peace and harmony
Cause that’s what Christmas is for.
Nathan Swartz
“Iowa: My New Season” by Nathan (South Africa)
A new season arises
As I awake;
Opening my eyes to a new day.
A sight far in the distance you’ll say
The Iowan Sun at daybreak,
Giving light to the new way.
The Sparkle of Snow all around
like jumping on a big cloud.
It touches my Heart,
It grows my Soul;
As the Iowan Wind,
It slowly blows.
Family so dear and kind
Making me as one their own
Giving Hope and enriching my Mind.
Bringing my new Vision in line
Like the Iowan crops are gently sown;
Iowa, you will always be,
My second Home.
“Travel to a foreign Land; to America” by Rubab (Pakistan)
Here I come
Here I come
to a foreign land
to America
can’t believe its no dream
that had been a night before
bringing precious memories along
keeping room for some more
my first travel in a plane
oh to America, to America.
how glad I am?
even though to a foreign land
leaving behind the most I loved
on the day of many tears
sided fears
to America, to America.
Headed for a foreign land,
for some adventure
all with great joy it is
ready to reveal my maturity
oh yeah at 15
to a foreign land
to America.
don’t miss me mom,
don’t miss me dad
I’ll be back in a year
time is swift
not too long,
not too hard
believe in me,
believe in god.
journey to a foreign land
to America.
for my bright future, it was
for my wish
did they agree
to let me go
across seven seas
to a foreign land
to America.
no strain on the face
tears trickled, but excitement prevailed
how I wished my parents were there
with me, through my adventures;
ON the plane for the first time,
spending a day at Dubai airport
friends by my side
every moment brought such fun
being honored by travelers
as “foreign exchange students”
what an indescribable feeling it was
when I traveled to a foreign land
to America.
A day passed and then the second
barely had I slept
unknown of my next step
like a lost sheep with its herd of friends
finally reached America
Washington DC it was
had I ever believed I would be here at 15
my travel to a foreign land
to America.
Story is long
time is short
let’s stop here
save rest for later
 so this was journey
at 15 years of age
to a foreign land
to America.
“I AM…” by Ellyssahanna (Philippines) 
I am unique and a dreamer
I wonder why there is war and violence
I hear the cries of children
I see the world as the same in the future
I want this to change
I am unique and a dreamer
I pretend we live in a perfect world
I feel we shouldn’t have to pretend
I worry that next generation will be a nightmare
I touch the heart of others
I cry out for a better world
I am unique and a dreamer
I understand there is violence
I say we can change the world
I dream about a better tomorrow
I try to make this my reality
I hope you will help me
WE are unique and a believer.
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