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Iowa Student Global Leadership Conference

February 19, 2014
What was your favorite part of the Iowa Student Global Leadership Conference this weekend? Comment below!While the winter Olympics kicked off in Sochi, another global celebration took place in Des Moines, Iowa, at The Stanley Foundation‘s Iowa Student Global Leadership conference 2014 on February 7th and 8th.
Twenty-two of our YES students joined over 120 students at the Ramada Tropics to discuss cultural differences and similarities, education, peace, climate change, discrimination, and other global issues. With 57 countries represented, the event brought together a wide range of perspectives and presented a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures.
The evening began with some fun at the conference center’s indoor water park before an opening ceremony with native costumes and trivia questions. The evening then proceeded to a speed meet-and-greet and a dance, definitely one of the highlights for all of the students at the conference.On
Saturday, keynote speaker Kevin Adair used performance art, poetry, and his experience with a solar oven project, “El Fuego del Sol” in the Dominican Republic to motivate and inspire the conference participants. The students were divided into small groups to discuss culture during the morning session and joined a new group of students for the global issues discussion in the afternoon. The conference concluded with short presentations from each global issue group.
Thank you to The Stanley Foundation for all their hard work and for allowing this great event to occur! As well as Arkacy Photos.
The YES program is designed to help students from all over the world in a traditional high school exchange program, and we are beginning our search for hosts for next year’s students.  If you are interested in hosting or want more information, please click here.
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